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What Others Say About Chung's Taekwondo and Martial Arts USA!

"Master Chung's Taekwondo(TKD)/Kickboxing school is, by far, among the best ones in the country." - Sridhar R.

"Chung's Taekwondo and Martial Arts USA is without question one of the best martial arts school in Michigan. Master Chung teaches Taekwondo at world-class level and expects the same kind of performance from every one of his students. I studied with Master Chung several years ago before I move to California, and now I am a full-time Taekwondo instructor, as well." - William E. 

"I started Master Chung's fitness Kickboxing class in early Feb. I have never taken a Kickboxing class before and didn't know what to expect. Master Chung is a crazy, energetic teacher that keeps the classes moving and entertaining. Each class is different and motivating. I highly recommend signing up for Master Chung's class." - Jessica H.

"As  a student classes are awesome and instructional. We spend lots of time practicing our kicks, self defense, punches, etc... Master Chung is a very good instructor and has been going strong for many years. He is well trained and as far as martial arts goes is the best instructor I have had yet." - Justin McAdams

"I have been going to Master Chung's school for a year now and I love it! I am a long time practitioner of martial arts and, and Master Chung is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Classes vary in activity and are always fun. But if you want a place to be serious about learning Taekwondo, this is the place. Master Chung is also very active in the competitive scene, being an administrator at the ATU regional tournament last spring. If you want to set a goal, he will help you reach it, then surpass it, and continue as a true martial arts warrior." - J. Moak

"I have been at Chung's Dojang for 10 plus years. He teaches genuine TKD, similar to the Kukkiwon (I have been there and trained, and find the training comparable). Unlike some dojangs, he teaches EVERY class. He is creative, enthusiastic and very skillful. He works the students hard and is particular about correct techniques and forms. He never gives up on a student. He is particularly gifted at working with children who need discipline and focus, and I have seen amazing progress in some of the younger students. He makes Taekwondo a genuine experience, and he makes training fun. I can't imagine a better place to train." - Susan Caldwell

"I have been enrolled in Master Chung's Cardio Kickboxing class for about five years, and no two days have been the same. Master Chung is an exceptional teacher, giving each student his full attention and consideration. He is also very handsome!" - Lynn Cummings

"I joined Master Chung's cardio-kickboxing class about two years ago. Master Chung is an exceedingly talented and patient teacher, also he truly cares for his students. I highly recommend the cardio-kickboxing class for those who are interested in getting exposure to fun workout and essential self-defense skills." - Amila Dissanayake

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We are only a 10 minute drive from Lansing, Okemos and Haslett, and right next to MSU.


Chung's Taekwondo &

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2843 East Grand River Ave. #190
East Lansing, MI 48823


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